These pages are intended to become a little piece of a 'show case' to allow some of the more artistic and not to mention interesting pictures of Walney that haven't been included elsewhere on this site to be displayed, it is unfortunate however that due to limited space I can't afford to display each picture in it's full glory, but I hope that you don't find this to disappointing... If you wish to download any of these pictures please do so, but with the understanding that copyright should be observed and the holder should be contacted prior to any use, other than personal . None of the pictures that you see below have used any form of specialist camera equipment unless otherwise stated...


West Shore Road Sunset 2002

west_shore_road_sunset_01.jpg (46968 bytes)


Earnse Bay Mist 2002

earnse_bay_mist_01.jpg (22392 bytes)


Walney Lighthouse 2003

lighthouse_03.jpg (63198 bytes)


North Scale Sunset 2003

north_scale_sunset_01.jpg (45468 bytes)


North Scale Village & Channel 2003

north_scale_02.jpg (70145 bytes)

J. Harris - Walney-Island 2003


West Shore Ponds 2003

ponds_01.jpg (40307 bytes)

J. Harris - Walney-Island 2003


Ferry Hotel & Park 2003

ferry_hotel_03.jpg (94904 bytes)



Earnse Bay Sunset Jan 2006



'Old' South End Farm House 2003

south_end_farm_01.jpg (68975 bytes)


Piel from the Piers 2002

south_end_03.jpg (65902 bytes)


Around North End 2003

north_end_01.jpg (52175 bytes)


North End Protection 2003

north_end_02.jpg (61147 bytes)


Vickerstown Sunset 2003

vickerstown_sunset_01.jpg (33678 bytes)


Sunbeam of Piel 2003

sunbeam_of_piel_01.jpg (88060 bytes)


North Scale Channel 2002

 north_scale_03.jpg (77647 bytes)


Restored Lime kiln 2003

lime_kiln_01.jpg (116840 bytes)


Earnse Bay / Black Combe 2003

earnse_bay_14.jpg (66456 bytes)


Trouble Brewing at Earnse Bay 2003

earnse_bay_15.jpg (56697 bytes)


North Scale Village 2003

north_scale_03_01.jpg (89332 bytes)


Sunset over West Shore 2004

west_shore_sunset_01.jpg (41231 bytes)


Sand Rider 2003

sand_rider_01.jpg (46335 bytes)


Solstice Sunrise 2003

solstice_sunrise_2003.jpg (34653 bytes)


Around Walney Race 2003

around_walney_race_12.jpg (39051 bytes)


South End 2002

south_end_04.jpg (66080 bytes)


Black Combe Dec 2002

black_combe_291202_01.jpg (50409 bytes)

2004 Alan Harvey


Daisy Bank Jul 2004

daisy_bank_01.jpg (77093 bytes)

2004 Steven Turner


North End Ponds 2003

swan_01.jpg (42922 bytes)

2004 Steven Turner


North Scale Ruin 2003

north_scale_05.jpg (81306 bytes)

2004 Steven Turner


Jubilee Bridge 2005

2005 Neil Morrison


Jubilee Bridge 2005

2005 Neil Morrison


Jubilee Bridge 2005

2005 Neil Morrison


North Scale Sunset Jan 2006

2006 Dave Chubb







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