(also once known as: Cross Lane, not to be confused with Cross Lane at Biggar)




Named after HMS Amphitrite of the Diadem Class cruisers. The 11000t Cruiser was built within the local shipyard as yard no258, Amphitrite had her keel laid down in December of 1896 and was Launched into Walney Channel on the 5th January 1898. She was commissioned into service during September 1901. Having served her time with 9th Cruiser Squadron Atlantic HMS Amphitrite was in the June of 1915 moved into reserve prior to conversion in 1917 to take up the role as a Minelayer. Amphitrite's fate came in 1920 when she was sold for scrap.



It was during the 'Black Out' periods of World War II that Macadam's grocery shop was to take praise for an ingenious device, A single light that was connected to the door, so that whenever a customer passed through, the bulb disappeared down behind a screen and thus preventing the light being visible to the outside world.








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