North Scale, Walney-Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire

Construction of the Bankfield Hotel began during 1871 by the 'Neptune Company', on land referred to as 'Crofts', the land itself being situated at the foot of Teasdale Road, North Scale on the bank of Walney Channel. During the late 1880s a decision was to taken to incorporate a Bowing Green into the hotels grounds. 

It is known that sometime during 1917 that The Bankfield was commandeered by the 'War Department' for use during the Great War. There was also a time when one said William Gradwell, owner proposed a seaside resort about the same area and another during the 1920's when 'Thompsons' wished to incorporate a large hotel, to be named 'The Grand' on the same grounds, however both ventures failed to materialise. 

After the "large many-roomed hotel" (A Pub on every corner. D. Hamilton) Bankfield Hotel was demolished, it's site became, from 1959-1969 redeveloped with housing built by local builders 'Turner & Norris' as the lower area part of their 'Red Ley Estate', and is known today by the street names of Bankfield Gardens, Kirkby Gardens and 'Lower' Teasdale Road. 


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