BEACH CRESCENT - Walney Island



The picture below shows Beach Crescent residents circa-1916, and was kindly provided by Mr. Steve Pick (Harriet Bancroft's son) , and who adds (at the time of writing - 2006) The people I knew were Alf Morton whose daughter, Pat, still lives at 2, Beach Crescent. Alf's sister I think Emily who used to live at #4, or was it 8 Beach Crescent. My mother used to talk about Connie Boulger as a friend late into her life but I know nothing more about her. Maybe Pat Morton might know some more facts. I don't remember hearing anything about  the Whittles. Looking at the photo I think it could have been taken in front of 42 Beach Crescent from my recollection of the front of the houses, but then I wonder if that section had been built in 1916. 18 to 34 were built first, I think around 1908-12. and originally numbered 2-16. Then came the current 2-16 and our house went from being #14 to #34. Then the houses 38 to 56? were built. On the back is written "With the compliments of Mildred A Whittle on the occasion of her 1st Birthday, 22nd August 1916"

Mrs Whittle   Harriet Bancroft (12yrs)   Sister of Mrs Whittle  
Alf Morton Emily Morton Ethel Davis Madge Morton ? ?
    Annie Carney Connie Gr??cult, with Mildred Doris Davis Connie Boulger









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