This page is designed following many 'visitor' requests, to capture all those people who where 'actually born on Walney Island'. If you wish to include anyone please email me on the link below. All that is required is a full name, year of birth and a location. Further if you wish to include yourself with a contact email please advise accordingly.

Birth Year Surname   Given name Maiden name (if applicable) Birthplace

(Additional Information)

1800 YOUL   Thomas   Walney

Thomas Youl b. Walney c. 1800/1801. His parents were Thomas Youl and Ann Ainsworth, married on 03/01/1791 at St Mary?s Dalton in Furness (his name was recorded as Yell ? even though he signed his name ?Yol? . I guess it comes from a Scotsman saying ?Youl? in Lancashire!). This Thomas b. c. 1800 was their fifth child (first three born around Kirkby Ireleth and the next in Ulverston) and can be found on the 1851 census as Thomas Youll b. Walney Lancashire and living in Little Benton, Longbenton, Northumberland (Newcastle-upon-Tyne).


1814 ORR   Ellen not known    
1823 JOHNSON   Mary not known    
1824 MARTIN   John A.      
1825 PRATT   James      
1826 GREENWOOD   Mary not known    
1827 HUTHERALL   Ann      
1828 GOULD   Agnes      
1828 MYERS   Eleanor not known    
1829 CHARNLEY   Mary Ann not known    
1830 SPENCER   Richard   Biggar  
1831 MAUD   Bridget not known    
1831 RICHARDSON   Sarah not known    
1832 TURNER   William      
1833 HELM   Alice not known    
1833 HOUSBY   James      
1834 ASHBURNER   Mary not known    
1834 CASSON   Annie not known    
1834 NICHOLSON   Margaret not known    
1835 JACKSON   Ellen      
1835 KINNISH   Thomas      
1836 FELL   John      
1836 HARPER   Margaret not known    
1836 KINNISH   Agnes      
1836 ROBINSON   Mary not known    
1837 HELME   Thomas      
1837 MYERS   William      
1838 WOODBURN   John      
1839 KINNISLE   Elizabeth      
1839 KRIKTHALL   Margery not known    
1841 CALVERT   Jane not known    
1841 MYERS   John      
1841 PETTY   Margaret not known    
1841 PICKTHALL   Emma not known    
1841 RILEY   William      
1841 STAINTON   Jane not known    
1841 WOODBURN   Thomas      
1842 CASSON   Mashel not known    
1842 THOMAS   Margaret not known    
1843 BARKER   Sarah not known    
1843 BOWMAN   Mary not known    
1844 FELL   Willliam      
1844 LLOYD   Eliz not known    
1845 HIEL   Janmes      
1846 GOULD Richard
1846 SHARP   Mary not known    
1847 CASSON   Elizabeth   Southend  
1847 CHARNLEY   Richard      
1847 CONSTABLE   Mary not known    
1847 ORMANDY   Elizabeth not known    
1847 WATSON   Hannah not known    
1847 WOODBURN   Agnes not known    
1848 FISHER   Elanor not known    
1848 GIBSON   George      
1848 WILSON   Jane not known    
1849 KENDALL   Abraham      





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