This page is designed following many 'visitor' requests, to capture all those people who where 'actually born on Walney Island'. If you wish to include anyone please email me on the link below. All that is required is a full name, year of birth and a location. Further if you wish to include yourself with a contact email please advise accordingly.


Birth Year Surname   Given name Maiden name (if applicable) Birthplace (where applicable) click in this column to email


1900 KENDALL   Herbert      
1900 PICKTHALL Elsie M.
1900 REPTON Constance M. North Scale
1900 THOMPSON Francis P.
1901 HINDLE Frank H.
1901 KENDALL   John W.      
1904 PICK   Harriet Rhodes Bancroft Avon Street  
1923 McKENNA   Helen Benson    
1927 REPTON   Robert   43, Hastings Street  
1938 PARKINSON   Alan   34, Hastings Street e-mail Alan
1939 PRAKASH   Sheila   4, Snaefell View e-mail Sheila
1939 PICK   Stephen J. B.   34, Beach Cresent e-mail Steve
1945 YOUNG   Ray   7, Dover Street e-mail Ray
1947 WHITE   Valerie   Amphtrite Street e-mail George
1948 ORMAND   Ian Hatfield 96, Dominion Street  
1948 McGAW   Brian   10, Dover Street e-mail Brian
1950 ROBINSON   PETER   104, Dominion Street e-mail Peter
1962 LOWTHER   Garie   112, Mill Lane e-mail Garie
1964 COOK   Brett   15, Douglas Street  
1964 REPTON   Gary   19, Powerful Street  
1994 DOCHERTY   Saul M. J.   41, Irwell Road  
2006 KILCOYNE   Grady A. H.   2, Torridge Drive  
2010 ALMOND   Ky-Ran R. K. Siddall Central Drive  





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