The Brickworks were located on the 'triangular' plot that has now become the home of: Dartmouth Street, Liverpool Street, Delhi Street, Deal Avenue, Folkstone Avenue and the mid part of Euryalus Street. The brickworks became operational for the production of bricks for construction of the Vickerstown estate/s up to completion. To alleviate the navigation of the parks steep banks during construction of the North Vickerstown site, the bricks were transported across the valley on a specially constructed wooden 'bridge type' structure.

Once the site was vacated production of bricks for the 'infill site/s' was transferred to North Scale were the clay for which was extracted from the pit (still visible to this day) just to the rear of Walney Fire Station

As a note, during the construction of a bungalow at the Promenade side of Natal Road during the early 1990's rail tracks were uncovered that were believed to be those running from the centre of the brickworks and the bricks produced at these works carried the initials 'IoW EC' Isle of Walney Estates Company.







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