BULLER STREET - Walney Island

Buller Street forms part of the 'Isle of Walney Estates Company' Vickerstown Estate constructed between 1900 and 1904. It takes it's name from the Boer War General: 

Sir Redvers Buller (1839-1908):

Born at Downes, near Crediton, in 1839, Buller joined the King's Own Rifles at the age of 18. The Victoria Cross (VC) is a military award "For Valour", and is only awarded for actions "in the presence of the enemy". Buller was one of only 1345 to have received such an award and although a controversial character, his military actions were considered an act of heroics. During the January of 1900 at Spion Kop Hill in Natal to the west of Ladysmith and again at Colenso, Commander-in-chief of the British forces in South Africa 'General' Buller suffered disastrous defeat. Buller's well organised retreat was captured by the some of the first 'moving picture cameras of war'. but the reputation of the British had been badly damaged and Buller knew that he had to accept responsibility. Although Buller was to stay on in South Africa until October 1900 it was Lord Roberts eventually took victory at Ladysmith in the February. On his return home the public rallied to his support and an estimated 50,000 people raised funds for a statue in his honour, which was unveiled on 6th September 1905 in Exeter, the engraving on the statues base: "He saved Natal". When he died in 1908, many thousands from all over the country were alleged to have attended his funeral.

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