CARR LANE - Walney Island



The instruction for Biggar Dyke's construction had come from the monks of Furness Abbey to protect the Island from the tide. Both the tenants of North Scale and Biggar were tasked with the responsibility of maintaining the Dyke through their own labour. Evidence has suggested that a certain amount of rivalry was created between the two village's folk, with Biggar residents complaining to their landlords about the lack of assistance from their North Scale counter parts.

During the 1550's and early 1560's Walney-Island tenants served a petition upon the Duchy Court at Lancaster for damages, again from the channel tides, when on numerous occasions the dyke had been breached by storms, "possibly due to the repairs on the dyke being neglected'? It was because of these events that rents were reduced on the condition that both sets of villagers took it upon themselves to maintain the dyke in the future.






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