CHAPEL FIELD - Walney Island

(North Scale)

Chapel field is new to North Scale with 'timber-frame' constructions beginning fully at the beginning of 2003. The site has been developed to accommodate 32 dwellings: 26 detached, 4 bungalows and 2 semi-detached, by builders; Coward & Kerr. Prices quoted during February were starting at ?124,950 and up... Each dwelling was described as a splendid family home with gas central heating, upvc double glazing and a high specification throughout by 'Ross Estate Agents' who were responsible for handling the sale of these properties.


The Chapel Field site as it has become known was constructed on what was Cassidy's coal yard, itself taking over a portion of the old Crofts Field eastern bank. One of the things that I remember about this site / area as a child is climbing into the brambles (rabbit runs) to visit the old 'wishing' well (as we called it), a round lime stone type constructed well about 2' (600mm) in diameter and very deep as I remember. I only hope that the present developers are aware of this hidden treasure and treat it with the respect and care that it so rightly deserves.


December 2008







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