CHAPEL LANE - Walney Island

Chapel Lane is one of this islands 'older' roads that have succumb to recent developments. Imagine if you can standing on the promenade in 1911, at the foot of what is now Church Lane and as you begin your walk up the gradient you would have set your foot upon that, that was Chapel Lane. As you continue with your journey to your right you would be able to see the open fields, now covered by such streets as Hastings, Dover, Margate etc. To your left as you pass the public hall is the old gravel / clay pit and the buildings belonging to the Isle of Walney Brickworks. As you pass beyond Amphitrite Street you once again would encounter more open fields now the site of Portsmouth and Plymouth Streets and the Strath's beyond. If you continue you pass over what has now become known as Bristol Street and then bearing left up and over what is now Cardiff Street then you have completed your journey through what was then Chapel Lane, terminating at Black Butts Lane...  











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