COWS TARN LANE - Walney Island

(aka: Thirteen Cornered Lane)

Cows Tarn  Lane has seen many changes in it's alignment, most recently when at the end of the 1980's and early 90's Leck Construction Ltd purchased the some of the lanes adjacent land for it's 'Solway Park Development'. The Solway Park Development was constructed over three phases, simply known as Phase 1, Phase 2 and Phase 3. The Cows Tarn Lane part of this construction did in fact only contain part of Phase 1. When the 'Leck' homes were first offered for sale they were described as starter homes. Phase 1 prices were advertised as ?36.950 for the basic package with further costs incurred for: fitted kitchen, decorating and central heating etc. Leck were not the only builders on the site as Barrow Corporation had houses built on their during the 1950's and 60's, both types of housing can be seen in the pictures below...

cows_tarn_lane_01.jpg (591479 bytes)    cows_tarn_lane_03.jpg (623914 bytes)    cows_tarn_lane_04.jpg (492872 bytes)

During July 1977 the Furness Track & Field Club had their plans rejected for a Sports field, which was to incorporate a running track on land adjacent to Cows Tarn Lane.

Every now and then 'ghosts of the past' can be found, some in the form of landlines, some in the form of hills and ditches etc, etc, others take the form of objects. A couple of these objects can be seen within the Cows Tarn Lane area in the form of the two 'fence' like objects as shown in the pictures below, the object in the picture on the right can be made out if you look closely toward the centre of the picture. The items to which I refer are actually gates retrieved from the jubilee bridge (by William C. Turner) after being replaced with the 'drop down' barriers during the 1970's. The Barriers still remain on the bridge to this day. 

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February 2010


As of 2010 the barrier gates described above appear to have now been removed.






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