DELHI STREET - Walney Island

See also: Vickerstown

In 1913 one-hundred houses were built in Delhi Street and Dominion Street by the Rainey Brothers as part of the south Vickerstown development, financed by the local shipbuilders and armaments company, Vickers Sons & Maxim. The houses whilst under construction were known as the 'Vickerstown infill' which took place on the site of the redundant Walney Brickworks.

Delhi takes it's name from the locally built ship HMS Emperor of India, an Iron Duke Class battleship of the Royal Navy who's keel was laid down originally as HMS Delhi on the 31 May 1912 at the local shipbuilders. She was launched in to Walney Channel on 27 November 1913 and commissioned on the 10 November 1914, only months after the beginning of WWI. Delhi's name change came about only one month before her launch in Honour of King George V, who was also Emperor of India

Once in service she joined the First Battle Squadron, of the Grand Fleet, later moving on to the Fourth Battle Squadron where she became Flagship of Rear-Admiral Duff. Having missed taking part in the Battle of Jutland in 1916 due to being refit at Invergordon and was replaced as Flagship by HMS Superb. In 1917, Emperor of India replaced HMS Marlborough as Second Flagship of the First Battle Squadron.

During 1918 she was present at the surrender of the German High Seas Fleet, which was subsequently interned at Scapa Flow. Emperor of India survived cuts in the Royal Navy following WWI. In 1919 she was to join the Mediterranean Fleet until 1929 when she was later decommissioned. Two short years later she was sunk after being utilised as a target ship. In 1932 her hull saw the light of day once more when she was raised and sold on for scrap.







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