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? J. Flitcroft - Walney-Island 2003

Great plans and ideas were conceived for Earnse Point in the earlier days of 'modern' Walney-Island. Lead by Mr. Benjamin Fish of the Isle of Walney Estates Company had debated on a seaside resort, which they had aptly named 'Walney-on-Sea' and was to include a pier to allow for the provision of a steamship service between Earnse Point, the Isle of Man and North Wales. It seems as though that such dreams will never come to fruition now? other than the use of the beaches for normal activities such a kite surfing, winkling, paddling and sandcastles etc.

Below are a selection of photographs from different positions and times along Earnse Bays coast line. The two pictures on the top left are looking north-westerly toward Black Combe and the top right picture is a view looking back in a south-east direction, with the old Fort Walney (coastguard) tower in the distant centre.

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The pictures below show the same 'roadway' both during the February 2002 storms and again after being cleared during dusk.

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    ? Frank  Tucker 2003


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The Pictures below highlight one of the biggest dangers to Walney-Island, that of erosion. Barrow-in-Furness Council made a purchase of land in 1949 at Earnse Point only to see one year later an estimated sixty-sq-yards of their investment claimed by the sea during heavy storms. Is it any doubt that more sea-defences for the area were announced shortly after?

Erosion takes place at many places on Walney's coast line, but the most severely affected areas are on the west coast, one of them being that Earnse Point (as shown in the picture on the left below) and the other between Thorny Nook to just beyond Hillcock Whins. The picture (below right) shows one of the erosion prevention methods used at the bay, which locals have aptly named the 'whales tail' simply due to the way it has been formed. For more on Walney erosion (click here)


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Sea defences as they would have looked c1965


No page on Earnse Bay would be complete without showing some of the magnificent scenes created when the sun goes down of an evening. Both the centre picture and the one on the right where taken from were Cows Tarn Lane meets Solway Drive. The picture on the far right was actually used to create the 'www.walney-island.com' logo, which can be seen on the home-page and was taken over the 'whale tail' as mentioned above.

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