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Walney has had it's own Fire-Station/s on and off for over 100 years, the first of which was established by the Vickerstown Estates Company and was originally based at Knox Street. The Knox Street Station opened in 1902 and was funded jointly by the then council and the local shipyard, it was not decommissioned until 1911 when the 'new' fire-station at Abbey Road 'on the main land' was opened, itself being replaced by a more modern station at the corner of Phoenix Road and Walney Road during the late 1990's.

Walney did not gain it's own Station again until the 1930's. The picture above shows Walney-Island's most recent station, which now stands on the Mill Lane site and was officially opened in 1974 by  a Mr. C N Bidgood. Walney Channel is still a navigation channel and Jubilee bridge 'on occasions' must be raised to allow passage of vessels, therefore in 1991 Barrow Council decided that the increase of population on Walney Island, now standing at approximately 13000 residents once again warranted its own full-time fire station. 



? Workington Transport Heritage Trust - 2005

This 1961 Commer Carmichael petrol-engined fire engine, 302 BAO was commissioned on 30th July 1960 and served Cumberland & Westmorland Fire Brigade, and at the time was classified as a WrT (Water Tender). Little is known about her history other than completing her service life at Walney Island on 19th July 1977.


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