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Firstly let me welcome you to Walney Island on the web. Having spent all of my life on Walney Island, I believe that such a wonderful place should not be without a net presence. Nowadays so many places of this wonderful planet are represented on the web in one way or another and it is my belief that Walney Island should not be without the same sort of attention. After all Walney Island is such a place that should be available for all to enjoy.

Walney Island is a small sliver of land that lie's in the Irish Sea like a defensive barrier across the tip of the Furness Peninsula, protecting Barrow-in-Furness its docks and surrounding areas. Walney Island measures just 11 miles in length and just under 1 mile in width at its widest point, making it the eighth largest island off the coast of England, the largest island in England with a direct road access to the mainland. Walney-Island is connected by the 'Jubilee Bridge' to Barrow-in-Furness, the point at which the bridge (opened officially in 1908 as Walney Bridge) connects to the Barrow mainland, itself was once an island until the construction of the Devonshire Dock Hall & Complex during the mid-1980's, although even today it is still known to all locals as Barrow Island or Old Barrow.

When I first came to produce this site during 2001 my attention had been brought to many sites relating too, or mentioning in one small way and another Walney Island, but there seemed to be no 'individual' site that took on the role of indexing or linking them together and truly claiming to be solely Walney Island orientated and therefore I believed (and still do) that this site should not be a personal venture, but one that is built upon progressively by those who have a contribution to make, whether that be by simply adding a link, a photo, maybe a memory or really anything that can be associated to Walney Island. You can if you so wish, send me your views, pictures and ideas by clicking the link below for there incorporation in to this site, although the final decision to do so will be of my own.

Any incorporation of copyright  material has been purely accidental, although I must add that I couldn't have produced this site without the time and patience of the many who have put their writing into documented form. Many of the pictures you will find whilst viewing will have either been taken, or sketched by your truly or another member of my family or friends unless otherwise stated, where old postcards have been used I will have purchased the actual card and every effort will have been made to gaining the approval of its originator. The copyright for this site and the information within remains with Walney Webs unless in certain cases were it will remain with the original owner / donator. If you have any queries or issues about any item incorporated within this site please contact me by clicking the link below.

Formerly known as walney-island.org.uk from 2001 to 2003, this web-site has now entered in to it's sixth year, fourth year as walney-island.com and maintains to be neither a tourist information site, or any form of business directory. The reason/s that this site exists is to provide information to the visitor, to provide a return in one form or another to those of you have took the time to visit and supply me with my ever increasing wealth of pictures and information not available? in the libraries, and so that my time spent away from my family in the local reading and reference libraries piecing together the available fragments of information has not been without a result. I hope that you don't find yourself to disappointed with this site and that your patience brings you back to view our future developments... My kindest and best wishes to you all.






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