The Irish Sea lies at the west coast of Walney Island and provides miles of sandy beach and open sea for windsurfing, beach fishing, the usual beach activities and more recently kite flying and sand-surfing. Much has been done during the the turn of the last decade to improve the quality of bathing water around Walney-Island, many places on and around Walney now see water treatment systems being put into place so that this and future generations can once again return to Walney's water ways for what nature intended them.


(above) Walney's new ?105m 'offshore wind farm project' taking place during December 2005. Each '90 megawatt' turbine measures a height of 250ft and is fit onto a 450 tonne, tubular steel foundation that was put into place using a unique wind turbine installing ship, Resolution during the summer of 2005. The project, a joint venture between UK energy company 'Centrica' and a Danish company 'DONG' is stated as being capable of providing 'clean' electricity to c65,000 homes and is expected to be completed during March 2006.







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