It was on the 30th July 2006 that the ten-metre long Irmgard, whilst on its way from the Isle of Man to Fleetwood, ran into bad weather off the south west coast of Walney. Although the crew had made contact with Liverpool Coastguard earlier explaining that they had anchored and were waiting for the rising tide, their distress call wasn't officially made until about 23:00 hours that same evening, when they requested assistance because the boats anchor was dragging and they were being driven up the beach. Following this call Barrow Lifeboat headed around to Hilpsford Point and the Irmgard, with Walney Coastguard being called in to monitor the situation from the shore. It was further reported that due to a heavy surf and shallow water and the fact that she was now with her broadside to the waves and rolling badly in strong winds the lifeboat was prevented in getting close enough to apply a tow-rope. Eventually Walney Coastguard did manage to get a line to the vessel from the shore, but unfortunately the anchor was still dragging, and although the boat was declared lost all three crew were rescued and brought to safety.

After the incident and for their part in the rescue CRO's Bruce Chattaway and Simon Laird were awarded a commendation from the Royal Humane Society. for more click here



August 2006



? John Dawson  - Picture of Irmgard's remains, May 2009







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