JUNO STREET - Walney Island




Named after HMS Juno of the Eclipse Class Cruisers. Juno a 5600t vessel was built in the local shipyard as yard no239 and was the eighth ship to bare the name. Having her keel laid down in June 1894 Juno was launched into Walney Channel on the 16th November 1895. She entered service during the June of 1897. In 1912-13 she was the escort ship to two of the torpedo-boat destroyer flotillas out of Harwich. Juno fate was realised in 1920 when she was sold for scrap.


Named after HMS Juno, an Eclipse-class protected cruiser that was launched into Walney Channel on the 6th November 1895 by the local shipbuilders. Juno's moment of fame 'even if somewhat vague' came on the 7th May 1915 with the sinking of the Lusatainia, when she was identified as her escort from Ireland to Liverpool. If this was the intention, it was not to be as Juno, having passed over the submarine U-20 at about noon, was in port at Queenstown when U-20's torpedo struck the Lusitania. The local naval commander immediately ordered Juno and every other available vessel to the scene and advised the Admiralty of his action, only for them to recall Juno. Juno?s fate came during 1920 when she was sold for scrap.








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