Over recent years Kite Surfing at Walney Islands Earnse Bay has moved from a once rare sight to a common place activity. This year I was fortunate to make contact with Gary Powell 'a Kite surfing fanatic' whom I asked about his sport, and to which Gary kindly provided the following:

"Walney Island from a kite-surfers perspective, and indeed I would not hesitate to say all water sports enthusiasts has got to be one of the most accessible uncrowded and near perfect locations in the UK and personally I would hold it on par with kite-surfing locations from all around the world. I have over the past couple of years travelled in search of perfect conditions, I now believe there is no such thing and after spending vast amounts of money in my quest for such locations it is always a pleasure to return to surfing at Walney, neither Fuerteventura, Goa, Malta, or Egypt were more perfect, although of course I was able to surf without wearing a thick wetsuit, which is always a pleasure and was also able to enjoy snorkelling, another of my passions.

I have recently become a kite-surf Instructor and in the process  have visited other UK and overseas kite schools, all reputed to have the perfect locations, ?rubbish? you and I have the perfect conditions and locations here on our own doorstep, Earnse Bay being my favourite. There have been some days in the summer where a bunch of us have arrived in the morning at low tide and played around on the kite buggies and boards, stopping for a bite to eat then kite-surfing for the entire afternoon as the tide reaches us, not ready to go home before sunset we then organise an impromptu beach BBQ with somebody doing a quick shopping trip whilst the rest gather wood and build a makeshift stone Barbie, watching the day pass with a sunset on the water, ?beat that for the perfect day?, It must be stressed that if this is your intention then do as we do, it is highly important to take all your rubbish with you, using correct and proper disposal methods and clean up the fire after as this would allow us to return without fear of any reprisals, keeping the beaches clean and free for all to use.

Kite-surfing for anybody that doesn?t know the sport is similar to wakeboarding behind a speed boat but with the pull coming from a large inflated kite, I am sure anybody that visits Earnse Bay will have seen the large colourful kites and indeed stopped to see just how many times one can get back up and going after a 'wipe out'. To end I would like to encourage people to look around at what we have around us, use it, and finally look after and respect it."


If the above sounds appealing to you why not give it ago? Or if you would just like to speak to Gary about instruction first try his site by clicking the link below

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