LATONA STREET - Walney Island

See also: Vickerstown

Named after the second of the Aeolus / Apollo class cruisers, HMS Latona. HMS Latona was built by the towns? local shipbuilders and launched during May 1891.  She was one of 21 cruisers of the same class, which had been ordered during 1889.  HMS Latona, served with the Newfoundland Fisheries squadron from February 1905 until returning to Portsmouth in May 1906 here she was laid up out of commission until in 1907 when she was converted into a minelayer, a task which wasn?t completed until June 1908 at Portsmouth Dockyard. During the first few years of WW1 HMS Latona operated out of both Sheerness and Dover, before in 1915 becoming a depot ship in the Mediterranean. HMS Latona?s fate finally came at Malta when in 1920 she was scraped.


Latona Street was the first street to be occupied on the 'new' Vickerstown estate at the end of 1900. The first person, being a Vickers clerk by the name of David Mason, who took up residence at number 28.








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