Between 1972 and 1975 'Northern Development Holdings' constructed houses on what was the old village green behind the Crown Hotel. Although the locals were saddened by the loss of the Green they were even more so saddened if not agitated by the loss of one of the village Lime Kiln's, taking with it hundreds of years of the village's history, although one of the kiln's can be found to remain at the foot of the present village in it's now resorted state (the Kiln in it's un-restored state can be seen at the North Scale part of this site). The site now whole of the site consists of south west Teasdale Road, Leighton Drive, Lowther Cresent and Muncaster Road, although Lowther Cresent is divided into two by a footpath. The picture above shows the Leighton Drive side to the south...







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