METHUEN STREET - Walney Island

Methuen Street forms part of the 'Isle of Walney Estates Company' Vickerstown Estate constructed between 1900 and 1904. It takes it's name from the Boer War General Lord Paul Sanford Methuen.

Lord Paul Sanford Methuen (1845 - 1932)

Paul Sanford Methuen was born in Somerset on September 1st 1845 and was educated at Eton. He acquired his first battle wounds at Modder River during the Boer war and suffered some further disappointments throughout, but not all were without success. Methuen was captured at Tweebosch during March 1902 and badly beaten and wounded. Amongst many other positions his career saw him become appointed governor and commander-in-chief of Malta until his retirement during May, 1919. On his return to England during 1919 he was appointed to the position ?constable of the Tower?. He died in London in 1932.


When a converted house at Gatacre Street closed it's doors as a 'refreshment' house, and plans for the construction of two community hotels (The King Alfred & The King Edward) were reduced to only one, by the then owners Vickers Sons & Maxim, an off-licence was placed within a converted end of terrace house at Methuen Street as a compromise. If you look closely at the picture above you can still make out the 'scar' of where the old 'off licence' sign was located up until recently...

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