Morecambe Bay extends inland from a line off the southern tip of Walney Island to Rossall Point, to approximately 0.7 mile inland of the Bay shoreline and upstream in to the estuaries of the River Wyre, River Leven, River Kent, River Keer and the River Lune and then subsequently up to the tidal limit.

Much has been done during the the turn of the last decade to improve the quality of bathing water around Walney-Island, many places on and around the island now see water treatment systems being put into place so that this and future generations can once again return to Walney's water ways. 

Morecambe Bay itself makes up the southern end beaches to the island and covers an area of approximately 195 square miles overall, with low tides revealing in excess of 100 square miles of mud / sand, making it the largest expanse of continuous inter-tidal area in Britain.

Approx 22 miles from Walney-Islands west coast can be seen the Morecambe Gas Field, which is owned by a number of companies, British Gas being the majority share holder. Morecambe Bay Gas Fields produced a 400 million cubic feet gas extraction during the year 2000, setting a new record. 


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