Below is a selection of those Walney Island 'Ways' with no name

If you feel that there is a name for any of the roads below and know the whereabouts of any evidence of such I would be grateful if you could pass any information on as is the case with anything you find within this site.


This little road leads between Albert Place North and Baden Powell Street on Walney's Vickerstown Estate.


This picture is of what is known as the 'Cow Track' at the south end. The road as can be seen here does flood at each tide, just recently catching out an unsuspecting driver who attempted to cross, but became stranded in his attempt.


The picture above shows the road which leads from the top west corner of Moor Tarn & mill Lane to the 'old' Fort Walney tower... I'm led to believe that as of mid-2003 the 'Green' area to the right of this site has been proposed for the purposes of a 'recreational skate park' to be fully equipped with CCTV camera at a total cost of approximately ?150,000. I have my own feelings about the choice of this site, but I don't want this site to become a forum for my own opinions and therefore reserve my comments for another time and venue.



The above picture shows 'rear service lanes' running between Falmouth and Bristol Street and, which can't really be termed as a 'back-street'.






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