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North End farm was situated on what now forms part of the 'North Walney' Nature Reserve. Although Walney had already a fully operational windmill at Mill Lane the demanded increase for grain production forced the construction of another, this time at North End close to the farm, which once stood there. The first operator of the North mill prior to 1813 was noted as being Mr. Isaac Rawlinson, who then was succeeded by Mr. Ben Hartley c1815 and then again in turn c1825 by Mr. Christopher Fell*, by which time it was believed that the Mill Lane mill had been condemned or demolished; or in the very least had simply stopped producing. 

On the 19th April 1841 a 'serious' accident was reported at North End Mill, involving Mr. James Blendall; he was 'diking' close to the mill, when a steel rod connected to one of the mill's arms became detached and struck him, almost severing his arm from his shoulder and breaking a number of his ribs. Although James had to have his amputated just below the shoulder he was also unfortunate to only survive another nine days before dying from his injuries.

Although North mill ceased to operate after 1870, it remained standing until 1940, when it was demolished along with the farm to make way for the airfield. If you look closely enough at the site you can still make out the boundaries within the runways where the buildings once stood. It is believed that the mill-stones from this mill where broken up and used within the runway foundations...

*Christopher Fell took over as 'Miller' at Roose Mill in 1842 succeeding John Coward.


(The site as it looked just prior to demolition)




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