OCEAN ROAD - Walney Island

(aka: New Lane)

See also: Vickerstown

Ocean Road began life as New Lane following it's construction in 1779 allow crops from Biggar to travel north to attain a safer and quicker route, crossing Walney Channel to market, other than which nothing else of any note worthiness occured until a temporary school was constructed in 1905 on a site on the south east side, which remaind in use until the 1940's, even though the more recent structure opened during 1917.  

During 1921 Barrow Council accepted an offer from William Gradwell & Company to construct 136 houses on Ocean Road (now occupied by the Strath's), but were informed by the Ministry of Health to reduce the scheme by 50% and re-tender their bid. After several tenders from various other companies and much debate the Ocean Road scheme was abandoned and handed over to allotments. 

Ocean Road was one of several sites chosen for the construction of a munitions building and although the site was laid out it was never developed until private builders took over the site in the 1930's and it was during the war years of WWII that 'smoke-stoves' were placed along the length of Ocean Road along with Walney Promenade at approximately 60 feet (18 m) intervals, in order that should an air-raid attack take place the stoves could be lit to provide a smoke screen against the enemy.

In November 1944 Barrow Council was allocated four-hundred temporary bungalows, but it was 1946 before the ninety-seven prefabricated buildings on the south west side (Tummerhill) of Ocean Road began to take occupants, The 'prefabs' only came up for replacement in 1953, but lasted even longer as they didn't finally get demolished until well into 1956. The construction of the current houses on the estate were not finally completed until the early 1960's.







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