ORION TERRACE - Walney Island



Named after RMS Orion (aka: SS Orion). She was the first British liner with 'air-conditioning' in all her public rooms. Constructed by local shipbuilders Vickers-Armstrong, she was launched on December 7, 1934 and completed during August 1935. Orion was launched by remote control via wireless all the way from Australia where the Duke of Gloucester, pressed the button that transmitted a radio signal to Barrow. Following her delivery on September 28, she departed for her maiden voyage to Australia. Until the war broke out in 1939, Orion operated both occasional cruises from the United Kingdom and voyages to Australia. Orion was returned to Barrow during 1946, where she underwent a total refit that took nearly one whole year, during which a redesign which on completion allowed for her to transport 546 First Class and 706 in Tourist passengers. On October the 1st 1963 she set sail on her final voyage to Antwerp where she was broken up by the Jos Boel et Fils scrap yard.








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