Mill Lane, Walney-Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 3XY

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Built under instructions from Bass Charington, it's first such construction in the Barrow area to serve the newly constructed West Shore Estate and by utilising a submarine theme / design the Periscope opened it's doors for business in 1969 at a cost close to ?50k. At the time of opening the building was complete with it's own fully operational periscope to which the locals objected and successfully after many complaints obtained sanction for it's removal. Each wall in the newly opened pub' was adorned by pictures of locally constructed submarines.  The periscope itself was salvaged from the High Test Peroxide (HTP) experimental submarine 'Explorer' built by local shipbuilders and launched during 1954. The Periscope was refurbished in the mid 1980's (1987?) at a cost of c?180k and then again in 1995.

The Periscope (above) as it looked during December 2005, undergoing a refurbishment, and below as it emerged as the Island Tavern in early 2006.


Since becoming the Island Tavern, the building has become somewhat abandoned and has subsequently fallen in to disrepair. Although there have been one or two proposals for its future purpose i.e. as a Nursery, nothing has yet been confirmed and it is now looking ever more likely that demolition is going to the preferred option during 2013.







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