Powerful Street formed part of the Vickerstown Estate constructed between 1900 and 1904 for the 'Isle of Walney Estates Company' and takes its name from the Barrow built ship HMS Powerful. Powerful Street was once planned to house a Congregational Church , but this was never to arise. Following their original construction these homes were identified for skilled craftsmen and foremen consisting of larger rooms than other streets in the area and sometimes even included a bathroom.




HMS Powerful was successor to a name that had been adopted by the British navy for its warships since 1783 she was the first of her class, built at a cost of ?741,870. Powerful was launched into Walney Channel on 24th July 1895. With a design displacement 14,200 ton she was at the time, along with her sister ship HMS Terrible one of two of the largest vessels of her class in the world and capable of speeds up to 22 knots. HMS Powerful was designed to carry a compliment of 849 men following her commissioning during 1898, but she proved to be to expensive to run in continual service and therefore spent most of her time in the Royal Navy Reserve. In November 1919 Powerful was renamed HMS Impregnable. Her fate, She was delivered to the breakers on 31st August 1929.



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