PROMENADE - Walney Island

(also once referred to as: The Esplanade)

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'The Old Bill'

? F. Bland - Walney-Island 2003

The 'Old Bill' as it is better known today stands on the Promenade at the east side of King Alfred Street, and looks out over the Channel. The picture above was once the home of PC John Bland, look carefully and you can just see his three children (Emily, James & George) at the door. The picture itself was probably taken just on the turn of the century. Some of John's decendants still live on the Island to this day.



The above building was built c1840 for the Michaelson family of Barrow-Island, to save them the long trek to Dalton-in-Furness Parish Church. During 1856 the building was converted from a Chapel to a school in memory of Thomas Michaelson, from money donated by his wife Jane Michaelson. The building is documented as Walney-Island's first school and carries an inscription, which can be seen above the three windows to the front of the building, which reads:  

"1856 In Memory of T.Y.P. Michaelson of the Isle of Barrow

"Fear God and His Commandments". 

The buildings running was taken over by the Barrow School Board following the introduction of the 'Elementary Schools Act of 1870'.  The building remains today as a private dwelling, but also during it's life it has been noted as a child welfare clinic during the Great War and more lately preceding World War II as a hairdressers, run by a gentlemen by the name of George Dyer, he himself having to leave for war during his occupation of the building. Thomas Michaelson is buried within Saint Mary's church, which can just be seen to the right of the picture.

(The site as it looks today)


It is documented that from Summer 1878 to the spring of 1879 that Barrow Council paid a 'reasonable' sum for a programme of relief work, one part of which was to construct a banking along the face of Walney's Promenade.

Every now and then Walney throws up ghosts of the past. Look carefully at the pictures below and given enough time the picture on the left will reveal to you where the entry and exit points used to be into what was once the Ferry Landings public toilet. The picture on the right at first viewing seems to show just another wall, but again given a little time and you can visualise where where the old wall tapered off and the 'newer' wall was built above.  

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It was during the war years of WWII that 'smoke-stoves' were placed along the length of Walney Promenade along with Ocean Road at approximately 60 feet (18 m) intervals, in order that should an air-raid attack take place the stoves could be lit to provide a smoke screen against the enemy.




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The Spring Tides of March 2006 yet again breach the Prom':


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