SANDY GAP - Walney Island

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Both Sandy Gap and and Biggar Bank  were the first places on the island to promote cars by installing car parks in 1937 in a continued attempt to convert Walney's west shore into a seaside resort. 

Just prior to WWII Sandy Gap and toward Biggar Bank became home to the Walney 'Play-beach' in an attempt to commercialise Walney as a holiday resort. It was described by many who used it as "an exciting area of flashing lights, mechanical shrieks, candy floss, hair-raising rides and side-shows" It seems funny then that today all that remains is a 'crazy golf course' with a part time cafe and a few swings? It is probably worth noting that with the coming of the war Walney's play park fell into a state of disrepair before it was converted into the island's prisoner of war camp...






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