THE SEA VIEW HOTEL - Walney Island


Tummer hill, Walney-Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Lancashire


Having been constructed by order of the Neptune Company in 1873/74 the Sea View only gained it's first licence in 1876, under the name of the Neptune Hotel. 1880 saw the hotel change it's name to that of Sea View, a name that it was to keep for the rest of it's short life. The building was raised to the ground by fire in the February of 1887, when the town fire-brigade, under the guidance of Chief fire officer Thomas Gabbat couldn't make the fire in time because the Walney Ferry operator refused to carry his good self and the fire crew across the channel without the express permission from Captain Barnett, even though the ferry was in a state of readiness for over one-hour and twenty-minutes. Given this obstacle and his desperation Chief Fire Officer Gabbat ordered his crew to get two small ferry boats and four lengths of hose with standpipes and to proceed as quickly as possible to the fire, but all in vain as upon arrival at the incident the roof and floors were all but burnt out along with the coach house, stable and Dutch barn It was due to this occurrence that Captain Barnett in delivering his report of the incident, requested that the council made arrangements to allow fire crew/s and other emergency services the use of the ferry service "at anytime". 







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