During 1921 Barrow Council accepted an offer from William Gradwell & Company to construct 136 houses on an area of land adjacent to Ocean Road, but were informed by the Ministry of Health to reduce the scheme by 50% and re-tender their bid. After several tenders from various other companies and much debate the Ocean Road scheme was abandoned and handed over to allotments. 

When the land again became available for construction the then Barrow Council wanted to sell the land to the Rainey Brothers for a reduced price, on the condition that they employed local labour, however because the land had originally been bought using a government loan, the council were ordered to put the sale out to tender. Parkinson & Sons won the tender by a 'sufficiently reasonable' margin from their competitors. Construction of the site taking place between 1936-39 and named after the locally built ship as can be seen in the picture below.






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