TEASDALE ROAD - Walney Island

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The first homes to be constructed on Teasdale Road were those, which now carry the numbers 1 (95) to 8 (81), being known today as 81 to 95, following a numbering change in the first quarter of 1924 and were built by contractors of William Gradwell from 1870 to 1880 as was Keral House (originally The Croft) and Croft Cottage on the lower most south east corner of the road.


The Croft (now Keral House) & Croft Cottage (pictures 2008)


Originally The infamous local builder William Gradwell, employed two sets of Contractors to construct two buildings of a similar design, the one that was completed first would become a hotel and gain its trading licence. Up against what later became the Bankfield Hotel on the opposing corner at the foot of Teasdale Road, Croft House came out second best and building work ceased and what was already constructed was converted into a semi-detached dwelling property of 4 bedrooms and 8 bedrooms respectively and given the names above.


Teasdale Road (lower north) which can be seen in the above picture is part of the Red Ley Estate that was constructed by the Turner & Norris company between 1959 and 1969. Other streets on this construction were: Combe View, Bankfield Gardens, Kirkby Gardens, Lower Foxfield Road, Silecroft Gardens and Grizbeck Gardens. 


Chapel Site, former home to Teasdale Roads Wesleyan Chapel  (picture 2010)

On an original plan drawn up in the late 1800's by William Gradwell the 'back' street running adjacent to the 'Old Chapel' site was to be called Hardy Street and those houses which now occupy the area that was once the northern most side of Cassidy's coal yard were built during the late 1990's.


Arrowsome, built by former local retailer of Douglas Street, Brian Arrowsmith during the 1980's (picture 2010)


No 1, Teasdale (picture 2010)


More Teasdale Road properties ( (pictures 2010)








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