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1247 First records of North Scale were installed within Furness Abbey documents
1558 A licence was obtained to construct a Windmill on Walney-Island at a site that is known today as Mill Lane (west).


St. Mary's church, Walney, founded


Walney is hit by the dreaded Plague

1644 'The Royalists' visited Walney
1652 George Fox visited Walney
1735 George Case was the first to buried at Saint Mary's Church yard, although no evidence of a church is recorded at this time.
1741 Rev Samuel Hunter became the Curate of Saint Mary's Walney
1802 Rev Samuel Hunter ceased to be Curate of Saint Mary's Walney
1802 Dr William Close was buried in an unmarked grave at Saint Mary's Church yard.
1805 Rev John Troughton became the Curate of Saint Mary's Walney
1839 Rev John Troughton ceased to be Curate of Saint Mary's Walney


Barrow Baptist hut, South Walney, built

1856 Michaelson Chapel was converted into a school
1865 The 'original' Crown Inn at North Scale opened
1868 The Ferry Hotel opened for business
1869 The New Inn at Biggar Village opened for business
1870 North End Mill ceased operations 
1871 Walney's population was counted at 339


Barrow boundaries increased to include Walney-Island, Sheep-Island, Piel-Island & Foulney-Island

1873 The Neptune Hotel (Sea View) on Tummer hill opened for business
1881 The 'Methodist New Connexion' Chapel on Teasdale Road opened
1882 The Crown Inn at North Scale was rebuilt
1886 Exploration for coal on Walney began to support cost reductions being implemented by the Steelworks over in Barrow
1887 The Neptune Hotel (Sea View) on Tummer hill was destroyed by fire
1891 The island's population was counted at 474
1897 Salt extraction begins on Walney-Island in earnest, although 'test samples' had been extracted since 1870
1898 The Isle of Walney Estates Company announced it's intentions for the construction of Vickersdale (Vickerstown)


Isle of Walney Estates Co. was acquired by Vickers Ltd

1899 The Castle House was constructed 
1900 First foundations were laid for the Vickerstown Estate, including Vickerstown Home Farm


Vickerstown Association Football Club formed

1902 Walney Park was opened.
1902 Vickerstown (Latona Street) School opened for the first time, even though a temporary structure had been in use previously


Vickerstown Cricket Club formed

1902 The Vickerstown Institute opened for business at 3, Gatacre Street


(13 Dec) Church of England Parish Hall at Knox Street opened

1902 Vickers Sons & Maxim's 'Mudlark' began service to rival the Furness Railway's steam ferry service to Walney-Island
1902 The Vickerstown Chronicle began circulation
1902 (03 Nov) An small Octopus was caught in Walney Channel
1904 Vickerstown Estate (north) declared as complete
1904 The Vickerstown Chronicle went out of circulation
1908 The latest Church of Saint Mary the Virgin was opened


Walney Bridge opened


Construction of first naval airship commenced.


Tram service: Town Hall - Ferry Road extended to Walney Promenade . 


(04 Aug) Tram service: Town Hall - Walney Promenade extended to Biggar Bank via Ocean Road.

1913 Construction of Delhi Street & Dominion Street
1914 Death of Benjamin Fish announced 
1915 Isle of Walney Estate Company's Walney Park was transferred into the hands of Barrow Council
1915 (29 Jan) Walney Island battery shelled by German submarine (first operation of German submarines in the Irish Sea).
1915 'The Walney' Theatre & Picture house opened 


Vickerstown Institute Opened on Church Lane

1917 Ocean Road school opened for the first time, even though a temporary structure had operated on the site since 1905
1920 The airship R80 made it first flight from the Walney Island Sheds
1935 Walney Bridge was reopened and named as Jubilee Bridge 
1936 Marjorie Cross discovered prehistoric sites on Walney's North End
1936 Construction begins on the 'Links' estate
1936 Construction begins on the 'Strath's' estate
1937 Land was purchased at North End for the construction of Walney aerodrome.
1937 First car parks on the island appeared at Sandy Gap and Biggar Bank
1939 Construction completed on the 'Links' estate
1939 Construction completed on the 'Strath's' estate
1940 North End Farm and Mill were demolished and the site cleared to make way for an airfield
1946 Pre-fab's at Tummerhill were constructed
1946 After training more than 6000 people Walney Aerodrome ceased its flying exercises.
1950 60 sq-yards of Earnse Point land was claimed by the sea during storms
1951 A site was agreed at Sandy Gap for the construction of Walney Secondary 'modern' school
1955 Construction of Walney's West Shore Estate began
1957 Mitre Catering of Accrington opened Earnse Bay caravan site
1958 Walney Rovers won the Lancashire Under 18 Youth Cup
1959 Construction began on the Red Ley Estate at north Scale
1959 'The Walney' Theatre & Picture house ceased operation 
1959 The Vickers Shipbuilding & Engineering company purchased Walney Aerodrome.
1963 South End nature reserve established
1969 Construction was completed on the Red Ley Estate at north Scale
1969 The Periscope Hotel on Mill Lane opened for business
1970 Haverigg Gardens construction took place
1972 Construction of the 'Barnes Estate' (Northern Holdings) at north Scale began
1973 The New Inn at Biggar Village closed its doors as a business


Walney-Island became part of Cumbria

1975 Construction of the 'Barnes Estate' (Northern Holdings) at north Scale was completed
1975 Peggy Braithwaite became Britain's first woman lighthouse keeper.
1983 'The Walney' Theatre & Picture house was demolished to make way for houses 


North Walney Nature Reserve?s care was taken over by Cumbria Wildlife Trust

1996 North Scale Residents Association open the doors to their 'new' community centre
2000 Rev John Hodgkinson became the Curate of Saint Mary's Walney
2003 Following a two year build www.walney-island.com went live on the net for the first time
2003 Construction began on homes at Chapel field, North Scale
2003 Construction began on homes at Fairway View, Central Drive
2004 (14 Jan) Walney's telephone exchange gets a (broadband) ADSL upgrade.
2004 Construction began on the Chapel Field sea defence wall at North Scale.
2005 Walney's biggest Air Show took place
2005 Home Farm Stables and Outbuildings were demolished.
2011 West Point House on Solway Drive ceased use as an elderly care home.
2012 Vickerstown School moved home from Latona Street to a 'new build' on Mill Lane and demolition of the old Latona Street site began.
2012 Rev John Hodgkinson left Saint Mary's Church for a new post within the town.





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