Vickerstown School, Latona Street, Walney-Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 3QS

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Agreements where reached between the school board and the 'Isle of Walney Estates Company' in the summer of 1900 to purchase the land on which the school now stands. Although the site is bound on three sides by Cote Leys Lane, the Promenade and Latona Street, many locals will apply the latter to the schools name; 'Latona Street School'.

Although many contractors had been employed during the schools construction, the 'prime contractor' were that of Clark & Robinson. Because of the urgent demands for a school to meet the current needs of the local population a temporary structure of 'Black Corrugated Iron' was erected at the top of the present school canteen site now stands. The structure remained in operation for quite a while, even after the new main building had opened, not being dismantled until c1950.

The permanent building that now stands on the site opened in August 1902 after less than a two year programme, to design and build... Each tree that stands at the front of the lawned area were planted as commemorations to one thing and another. My class mates and I planted the tree to the far right (just out of the picture) to commemorate Queen Elisabeth II Silver Jubilee in 1977. The picture below (left) shows the schools canteen, itself become a temporary classroom for my class mates and I 'class of 84' under the watchful eye of Gerry Wilson, the school could not accommodate the first comprehensive year 

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Back Brian Everard Jimmy Molyneux ? Raymond Jackson Frank Turner Barry Barclett
Michael McFadyen
Edward Russell
Centre Linda McAdam Evelyn Sully Elaine Evans Barbara Lomas ? ? Jean Gatehouse N/A
Front George Jackson Allan Jury Ann Scarr Thelma Turner Ruth Solloway Jimmy Woods Billy Edwards N/A
Plus, just maybe: Pat Hastie? - Ann Henderson? Dorothy Kilpatrick?

The picture above was taken behind the rear of the school in the upper playground? c1951 as part of the 'Festival of Britain Gymm Display' (which subsequently was held at Craven Park), probably by David Callister, who taught at the school for many years and was perhaps his first class after leaving teacher-training college. He had been a navigator in the RAF during the war and was reported as turning up as his first day as a Teacher wearing his long dark RAF issued overcoat.

Other members of this class that aren't on the photo were?: Maureen Allen, Jean Darling, Rachel Roberts, Freda Riseley.


go on see if you can name anyone?




This is a picture of Vickerstown Schools 1966 Nativity Play and includes: Susan Woodgate, Ruth Nicholson. Can you name any more?


The pictures below show the next evolution in the story of this school. Construction of the new building between Mill Lane and Latona Street, February 2011

Looking through the old canteen gate from Back Latona Street Looking beyond the old canteen gate from Back Latona Street A view from the top of Back Latona Street looking toward Mill lane







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