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As usual Walney's 2009 carnival set off from the Roundhouse, proceeding through it's now well established route north east along Ocean Road, turning left into Black Butts Lane. At the most northerly junction of Black Butts the carnival turns right onto Central Drive followed by an immediate left on to Moor Tarn Lane, following the road round to Mill Lane. The carnival procession completed it's route at North Walney Junior School Field to allow the afternoons planned events to take place. Growing year on year on year and with a little help of the good weather this year gave one of the best, if not the best ever turn-out for the crowds for what was a stunning and entertaining day.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Due to the lack of organisational assistance this year, 2009 may well have been the last Carnival to be held on Walney for the foreseeable future? Due to there only being 4 organisers, for this massive undertaking. Walney's annual carnival has raised many thousands of pounds for the island's good causes and has been a major fund raiser over the past 11-years. if you would like to see this event continue and feel that you may have something to offer, or are simply willing to offer your services, no matter how small please contact Steve on 01229-472409 or Tony on 01229-476669. With 2010 fast approaching planning needs to be underway very shortly, so the sooner services are offered the better the chances are of retaining this event.

walney-island.com wishes the carnival committee the best of luck, and its best wishes for your continued success, and this sites commitment to support you through this medium as required.



Some just can't take the pace. It's a hard life Mam!



Hi to you too, Dennis... HM Coastguard, as ever, supportive.



Young 'Billy Bob' Yarwood takes time out for a Smile. Has anyone seen the Chief?

Ahh! There's the Chief.



More opportunities for advertising, Still you're doing a great Job Ian.



2008's retiring , Carnival queen, Sapphire Walkden.




Not forgetting the 'hard working' mother's who do it for the love.



Carnival queen, Nicole Thorburn-Wilson and her ladies in waiting, Gabrielle Beckman & Jodie Ann Jackson.










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