(aka: Walney Secondary School, Sandy Gap School & Walney School)

see also 'ocean road senior school'

Walney School, Sandy Gap Lane, Walney-Island, Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria, LA14 3JL. Tel: (01229) 471528

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In accordance with the 1944 'Education Act' it became a necessity for Walney-Island to have it's own secondary school. The present Sandy Gap site being agreed for the purpose during 1951.


WANTED: On many occasions Walney Secondary has produced some very fine performances on its 'main hall' stage, most recently during 2012, a very admirable adaptation of 'Les Misrerables' was presented, but even this couldn't compare to an early 80's performance entitled 'Dracula Spectacular', and which was filmed directly onto video (VHS, by a gentlemen named Price, I think?) and then offered for sale to raise funds for the school. I've made numerous attempts over the years to trace a copy, but without success. If anyone can locate a copy (I am willing to purchase at a fair price) I'd be grateful if you can contact me here 


The schools own web site can be located at: www.walneyschool.co.uk







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