"What has happened to local football"?

During 1954 Steve Pick took over Walney Rovers U16 team as 'player / manager'  from Alan Wilkinson who had moved on to run both the U18 and the open age teams. (There is uncertainty with what happened to these teams but it is thought that they folded soon after as Alan became a referee). From U16 the team made the natural transgression and went on to to play in the U18 with a good side although not being regarded as good as the Holker Old Boys of the time, and who were the nemesis of the young Walney Rovers side. At the age of 18 Steve handed the reigns over to Bill Eddy due to his further educational commitments, which he executed before once again returning to the team to help Bill run the team which ended up with the 'exceptional' county trophy.

The picture below shows the nucleus of the winning team as Steve Pick, Dave Price and Dave Morgan were too old to play the following season. The Jackman brothers used to be in the Baxall's bakery shop on Mikasa Street. It is understand that Bert Jevons is still around locally. Dave Price still lives in town and spent a record breaking time playing for Furness cricket and now frequents the pitches as an umpire. Don Trangmar went on to fame with Marks and Sparks and upon retirement, he took the Chairmanship of Sussex Cricket Club. Dave Parker now lives in Henley. Bill Eddy, who ran the club that year, became a headmaster in Sunderland before retiring a few years back. Bill's younger brother Keith Eddy was the most famous of the soccer players as he went on to captain Sheffield United. Keith later joined the New York Cosmos before an injury forced him out of the game. Keith is now a very well known as a successful coach for boys and girls teams in Tulsa, Oklahoma and was last seen when his U14 team was playing in Dallas on their way to national finals during 2005.

Joe Jackman (W) Steve Pick(W) Tom Barr Ron Dinnen John Spencer Bert Jevons (W).
Ken Jackman (W) David Parker Don Trangmar (W*) Dave Price Dave Morgan (W)  

Those with a (W) were Walney lads although Don Trangmar* had moved to live over in the town by the time he played for Walney







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