Presented here is some information on the Walney Wheelers from Herbert (Jim) Croft who was a member from 1935 until it folded in 1940 and whose brother Bill helped to form the club during 1932.


RACING- 1939 ? 1940

Harry Clark, ?Drummer? Roberts, Alan Nichols, George Goacher, Ray Moore (also known as ?Larry Moore?, he played the Harmonica and become quite famous locally.

Alan Nichols, George Goacher, Cliff ?Pip? Bland, Maurice Davies, Alec Smith,  ?  , Joe Jagger, Les Clark, ?Drummer? Roberts, Frank Cass



Harry Hill - 1 hour 4 mins

Edgar Hurley - 1 hour 6 mins 6 secs

George Goacher - 1 hour 16 mins

Les ?Smokey? Nelson - 1 hour 7 mins 23 secs

Cliff Bland - 1 hour ?

Price Proberts - 1 hour ?

Richard Whinnerah - 1 hour ?

F. Bailey - 1 hour 9 mins


Harry Hill and Edgar Hurley cam e to Barrow Shipyard at outbreak of war.  Harry Hill was a ?Pro?, racing around the fast tracks.  In later years, he won veteran races.  He also rode for ?Royal Enfield?. 

Edgar Hurley stayed in Barrow and opened an electrical shop in Cavendish Street

Two of the top men who raced at Brock were Reg Harris and ?Shake? Earnshaw.

The top lads in Barrow were Arthur Greaves, Johnny Johns, Les and Den Willets, Jack and Terry Quayle, Tommy Fletcher, Maurice Davies, Ken, Pip and Jack Bland.

Ken Bland lost his life in a cycling accident in Bristol, a trophy was named after him.

There were 25, 50 and 100 mile time trials o the Cartmel and Coast Road courses.

A 12 hours ?rough? stuff course was Stonetrough, Askham Woods, Kirby Moor, Grizbeck, Woodland, Appletreeworth, Broughton Mills, Dunnerdale, Ulpha, Birker Moor, Eskdale, Hardknot, Wrynose, Hodge Close, Lake Bank, Green Moor, Woodland, Barrow.

12 hour rides were Trough of Bowland and Bassenthwaite

24 Hours was Chester



Local clubs were

Walney Wheelers

Lonsdale Wheelers

Central Wheelers

Spartan Wheelers

Dalton Wheelers

(Dalton broke up and joined other clubs)

There was also the Cyclist Touring Club (CTC), consisting of older cyclists.

Every member was a member of the National Cyclist Union (NCU), in case of accident.  We had a 1/2d a week fund to get you home in case of accident.  When anyone had a crash, the first thing they said was ?Is my bike OK??

We cycle all year round

Summer we brewed up with oil stoves, clipped to the cross bar.  Kettle and frying pan in the saddle bag.  Bacon, eggs and beans to cook.  (Ned Winder sometimes cooked his chips in sardine oil).

All these were carried even with our bikes on our backs.  There were recognised places to stop.

In Winter, we would go in cafes.  Pot of tea 4d, 1 shilling for high tea if you could afford it. 

Came the war, only the Central Wheelers ?Cents? survived.

Not much money, but great times.

All the photos were taken with a Woolworth Camera, Price 1/6d in three parts.


Photos at Duddon

Edgar Hurley, Eileen Johnson,  ?  , Crofty (Herbert/Jim Croft), Doris Clark (who married George Goacher) Edgar Hurley, Eileen Johnson,  ?  , Doris Clark (who married George Goacher)
Crofty (Herbert/Jim Croft) in place of honour at Broughton Mills Brewing up on Dunmail Raise


RUNS PROGRAMME 1939 - 1940

With list of time trial results








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