WEST SHORE - Walney Island

Plans inclusive of all local amenities for an estate on Walney-Island's west shore began in 1952, finally gaining council approval during 1953 after a ministry loan was approved for a purchase of land in excess of two-hundred acres to accommodate in the region of 2700 homes, introducing an estimated increase of 8500 people to the island's population count. At a public inquiry preceding the construction beginning, Barrow-in-Furness Council declared that Walney's west shore was their preference of choice for a new estate, being closer to local industry than other identified sites on the Barrow mainland. The Estate was planned to take in the region of ten-years to construct, by utilising a four phase build strategy. The first phase of the new estate was in the area, that has now become known as Wensum Lea, which began a little later than anticipated during 1955.










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