Who, Where or What was? It's a Mystery?

This page has been produced to allow a collection of questions to be posed by site visitors and glean information about Walney's mysteries that existed now or in the past by those who once visited or even lived on the island. If you feel that you have something that could contribute; pictures, questions, answers, or indeed the site in general and that you would like to share you can contact me by clicking the link below.

What was the Walney Wheelers?


What where the great Walney Island storms of 1795 / 1796?


What happened to those that served at Walney's Air Gunnery School?


Where was the North Scale Blacksmith workshop located?


What was / is North Scar, or Diamond?


Answer kindly provide by Graham Logan, of Barrow-in-Furness, England.


North and Diamond scar are 'rocky patches' along the west coast of Walney. North scar is elliptical, and diamond... triangular in shape. They are visible at low tide on an otherwise sandy beach between Earnse Point and the North end of the Aerodrome.


Recently I was sent the following mail and again wondered if any of you could answer the question? "Whilst reading through an old encyclopaedia  I found a scrap of paper which bore written pencil notes that my Father had written 35 years ago.  He was apparently going through the book and picking out interesting bits for me to read.  The entry that he stopped at was the word Globe ( the sense of the entry was a globe of the world). His note to me was "remember the Globe on Walney Island?"  Well I didn't and I wondered whether it rang a bell with you."


What is the purpose and history of the metal tower next to the trig point at Walney's south end?


Do you know anything about the band below? They began life as the 'Defenders', before changing their name to the 'Metros' then finally the 'UZ Group' and consisted of band members 'Moz Baines', 'Derek Kidson', 'Mike Kidson' and 'Ian Hunter'.



In his new Autobiography entitled ?Here?s one I wrote Earlier? Peter Purves of Blue Peter fame, refers a lot to his Barrow days and claims that he played in a skiffle group called The Islanders, which included a now well-known Barrow journalist Bob Herbert.? can you add to the story?


Do you have any pictures, stories or information on Walney's 'Black Tower' which stood on the West coast of the Biggar Township?














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