The week ending the 15th June 2008, yet again brought with a major event to Walney Island, in that the British Kite Surfing Association Championship once again arrived at Earnse Bay, after the 2007 event was hailed a success. The weather although not being absolutely perfect for Kite Surfing was a perfect compromise. The wind was up enough to keep the kites in the air, but it was also both fine and sunny, keeping the ever increasing crowd happy. Kite surfing has come along way on Walney since its introduction only a few short years ago, so here's hoping that this sport continues to thrive on the island.


Here's a few to click on.



First timer. We all have to start somewhere.

Looking good, obviously had a little more practice than others.

Looks like if you want some close ups, this is the man to see?



Some people really take this kite thing seriously... I'm only envious.


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