The weekend 6th to 8th August 2010, again brought with a major event to Walney Island, in that the British Kite Surfing Association Championship once again arrived at Earnse Bay. The weather was perfect for Kite Surfing and the many sight-seer's to. The wind was quite strong, keeping the kites in the air, but it was also both fine and sunny, keeping the ever increasing crowd happy. Kite surfing has come along way on Walney since its introduction only a few short years ago, so here's hoping that this sport continues to thrive on the island.

Having said that this years event was marred by one or two individuals (local or visitor, it can't be said for sure) who really didn't respect the island nor' care to much when it came to good housekeeping. They had set themselves aside from the rest of this well respected group, only to be out of line of sight. As well as leaving a large quantity of rubbish, more importantly they burnt a fire pit into a 'site of special scientific interest'. It can't be easy to put events like this together so those who do need your support! The island likes to play its part and allow for these events to take place so when you visit please consider others and act responsibly, dispose of your rubbish in an appropriate manner and care for the island like it was your own home.

Course Race Results: Men?s Buggy Men?s Land board Junior Land board Ladies Land board
1- Callum Edge 1- Craig Sparkes 1- Ash Garwood 1- Greg Chilton 1- Sukie Robertson
2- Denzel Williams 2- Dave Roberts 2- Steve Smith 2- Tom Ford 2- Karen Cartlidge
3- Lee Harvey 3- Will McKean 3- Daniel Smith 3- Robbie Shire Maidement 3- Pippa Grundy
Ladies Buggy Men's Pro-Kite surfing Ladies Pro-Kite surfing Men's AM Kite surfing Ladies AM kite surfing
1- Karen Cartlidge 1- Ali Barrett 1- Hannah Whiteley 1- Marcus Hawkins 1- Danielle Durrant
2- Nicola Hammond 2- Luke Whiteside 2- Nicky Rudd 2- Andrew James 2- Poppy Hawkins
  3- Ned Taylor 3- Sukie Robertson 3- Martin Thatchell 3- Chloe Durrant
  Senior Kite surfing Youth Kite surfing Junior Kite surfing  
  1- Richard Jones 1- Sam Ball 1- Callum Asquith  
  2- David Williams 2- Jack Daykin 2- Robbie Shire Maidement  
  3- Daniel Vaughan 3- Joe Matthews    


































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