"The "Back of Wanna" has ever been a terror to seamen, and will remain so through all time. Many a gallant ship has gone to pieces there, and it is supposed that one of the ships of the Spanish Armada was wrecked on this coast. There is such a probability that such was the fact, as several pieces of ancient ordnance have been found at different times by the inhabitants of Biggar, about two miles from the south-east of the island, and converted into implements of husbandry, most of them being composed of malleable iron. This circumstance becoming known to C. D. Archibald, Esq., about the year 1838, he caused excavations to be made at the place, and discovered several pieces." (Geological Fragments of Furness and Cartmel 1869 - BOLTON, John)

1777 Ruby Inbound from Jamaica, lost on Walney Island.
1790 Alexander Lost at Walney Island.
1802 Thomas & Jane Sloop from Beaumaris was lost off Walney, carrying slate. All of the crew were saved.
1806 Sally Maryport sailing vessel. Lost on Walney. Crew saved.
1806 Fame Dublin to the Duddon Estuary. Lost on Walney.
1817 Walton Inbound from Archangel to Liverpool. Lost on Walney
1822 Fame Liverpool to Sunderland. Driven ashore at Walney
 1822 / 1823 Name not known Lost off Walney. On voyage from Ireland.
1823 Ellen Carlisle to Liverpool. On rocks off Walney
1825 Aurora A 30 ton sloop sailing from Lancaster to Preston. Lost on Walney with the loss of her crew
1825 Susan A brig sailing for Whitehaven. Lost with all crew on the western side of Walney
1839 Tiffin Lost at Walney after sailing from Whitehaven
1839 Whitehaven Lost on Moat Bank, Walney
1839 Tejor A Brigantine bound for Liverpool. Driven onto Walney in a gale
1841 Earl of Selkirk Inbound to Preston from Whitehaven. Lost at Walney
1841 Arcturus A Brig wrecked on Walney on voyage to Preston
1843 Lady Eleanor Rodgers A Smack wrecked on Walney
1852 Earl of Glasgow A Smack on voyage to Mulroy. Wrecked on Walney
1853 Vigo A schooner lost in bad weather on Walney
1854 Duke of York A Barque making for Madras from Greenock. Struck the North & South rocks at Walney. Some crew lost
1854 Doy A Barque making for Greenock. Lost on Walney
1859 Elfin A schooner foundered near Walney Light
1860 Adelaide A Schooner lost off Walney Light
1865 Glenkins A Schooner lost on Walney in force 9 winds
1866 Brother A Schooner lost on the SE point of Walney in force 9 winds
1870 Alice A schooner on voyage from Millom to the Mersey. Stranded on Walney
1877 Angier H. Curtis A Brig on voyage between Wiscasset and Barrow. Lost on Walney
1878 Mary McSweeney A Brigantine outbound from Belfast for Barrow. Stranded on Walney
1882 Brothers A Schooner which foundered off Walney following a collision
1882 Agnes A Sloop sailing for Wigtownshire. Stranded on Walney
1883 China A Norwegian Barque driven onto Walney in force 9 winds
1884 Clarence A Steamer stranded on Walney in a force 9
1884 Depositor A Fully Rigged Ship sailing between Barrow and South West Pass. Wrecked on Walney in a force 10
1890 Breeze A Smack which broke from her moorings and was lost in Walney Channel in a force 10 N wind
1895 Star A Yacht sank at her moorings in Walney Channel after a collision
1897 Catherina Force 10 winds drove this Smack ashore at Walney
1897 Innisfail A Lugger which foundered near Seldom Seen Buoy, near Walney
1900 Ada A Smack foundered in Walney Channel
1900 Cock of The North A Smack lost near Walney in force 9 winds. Built as a yacht (for racing) by J Crossfield at the Church Hill shed at Arnside for J Jackson, farmer of North Scale.  She was wrecked when the Jackson's were sailing her back to Walney having collected her from Arnside.  Ploughboy was later built to replace her, but had the Crossfields do the delivery trip. 
1902 Fairy Queen A Yacht which sank in Walney Channel after a collision
1904 Huntress A Brigantine which damaged her rudder and was grounded on Walney in a force 8 storm
1910 Dorothea Click here for more...
1914 Vedra Carrying Benzene she ran aground on 7th Dec and exploded on the 8th Dec, with loss of 31 lives and only one survivor
1918 Limesfield A Steamship sunk by UB-57 23m WNW of Walney
1918 Marie Edmond A Smack lost on Walney
1920 Arlette A Yawl lost on Walney
1946 Anastasi Click here for more...
2006 Irmgard Click here for more...

Based on Fleetwoods Maritime Heritage Larn Shipwreck Index of the British Isles Volume-Five with personal and visitor additions / amendments. For more information: Marine-Heritage





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